Podcast: Guest Speaker for The Private Practice Startup

Michael Feuerman was honored to be a guest podcast speaker regarding “10 Things to Know Before Signing Your Private Practice Office Lease,” on the Private Practice Startup’s podcast, where they advise psychologists and other mental health professionals on starting up their practices.

A couple of these items apply specifically to psychotherapists and their leases, but most apply to all tenants.

Please listen if you’re interested, and contact Michael with any questions. And if you are starting up a practice, reach out to Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT, expert advisors on opening your own psychotherapy practice. You can visit their website here.

This podcast covers the following:

  1. Not all office buildings are created equal
  2. Fair Market Rent is a moving target
  3. Zoning is critical
  4. Your lease term will go by quickly, so plan ahead
  5. Soundproofing is expensive, and best done before you move in
  6. Some landlords should be avoided!
  7. Who pays for improvements to your office?
  8. Having an attorney review your lease is crucial
  9. It will not cost you more to have a broker represent you (it actually won’t cost you anything, and will save you money)
  10. If you deal with hardcore mental illness, expect some local public push-back and protest